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The Blog, 2.23am, A Call To Uncommon Action, has moved here as of July 21st, 2014. Archives of articles will remain on this site. I will be posting sunrise photographs and reflections on this site from July 21st 2014. Enjoy.


What I’m doing now

I’m on the Gold Coast, working with an amazing team to pull of the second remarkable event on October 7/8th, Big Blue Sky , plus a Drone Festival August 19/20th. And building models for citizen engagement to get a whole community future proof. Wow…plus…

  • Working with wonderful entrepreneurs who are building businesses and lives that make your heart pause..the kind of life and business you probably want, because you landed here
  • Squad swimming 3 times and running 4 times a week, early early early in the day…nope swimming halted for now…broke my arm running downhill…back in April sometime..
  • Writing at least two articles a week…find them here
  • Continuing to build amazing relationships with people who are up to major mischief..because we all know the world needs more really excellent mischief.

Those are my priorities.

At this stage in life I have the luxury of choosing what I say Yes to…and what I decline. I say Yes to breathtaking projects that are crafted with the intent to serve humanity. I say Yes to people who arrive with open hearts and generosity. I say Yes to synchronicities. I say Yes to the pull of my 2:23am moments. I say Yes to love in all forms. I say Yes to people who are dedicated to building new models vs rearranging the deck chairs.

I only do things for intrinsic reasons — not money. Although money is also accepted…

My main act of public service other than Big Blue Sky is answering emails from strangers, so feel free to email me.

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was late March 2016.