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Interview with AJ Leon, Chief Troublemaker from Misfits Inc a global creative agency that specialises in changing the world.

Bold statement. Specialising in changing the world.  But AJ, as you will discover, is a living model  of BOLD.

Quoting from the exquisite first edition of Misfits Quarterly, http://misfit-inc.com/quarterly

Every true adventurer knows this verity all too well.

“If you feel no resistance, if there is no sacrifice involved, it’s probably not worth doing.”

And I will add this.

If there is not at least a possibility that your pursuit, whatever it might be, may end in cataclysmic failure, then even your success in that endeavor will be tempered.

Greatness is only the positive reflection of the defeat that is probable in the pursuit of it.

Greatness is only ever a possible outcome when the prospect of utter, unmitigated defeat is also on the table.

This interview, recorded on December 14th USA/15th Australian time, had AJ speaking from his Pegasus Bus (home for the 1080 day round the world epic adventure he and his wife Melissa have recently embarked upon), in a parking lot in Denver, with a brand new transmission. Check his blog for the story of this little (mis) adventure. Very inspirational.

A few years ago AJ jumped from a high paying Wall Street job, into the heart of the unknown, no longer able to compromise on his life. He said about his time in the conformist Wall Street career, “at every turn you are selling a little piece of your ideology, your own ideas, for a larger paycheck.

Some of the many beautiful quotes from the interview.

The question is not what I want to do with my life, but what I don’t want my life to represent anymore.


If everything went right it would be a holiday and not an adventure. Most people want an adventure, not a vacation.

And this one

I will not allow fear to be the reason that I didn’t try.

We spoke about the willingness to no longer compromise, pushing through the fear and resistance, what success means, Shakespeare, religion and theology, and service.

I was deeply inspired by AJ and the life he has chosen to live. As Buckminster Fuller would say, “argue with the model”. AJ is the model. Not just a taking head.

Subscribe to his blog http://aj-leon.com/pursuitofeverything/about/about-poe/,

Download Misfits Quarterly,

Download his manifesto, The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit. http://aj-leon.com/pursuitofeverything/the-life-and-times-of-a-remarkable-misfits/

Watch this remarkable young man set the world on fire. Even better, chose to embrace your own fear and walk your own path. Take inspiration from someone living it every day.

Thanks AJ. My life is better for you having touched it.



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