To be golden

August 26th, 2014

to be golden

Golden…this is what I feel when I look at this scene. There is a richness to natures gold that has allured human beings through out our history.

Is this attraction learned, or would a very young child reach for the golden object over all others?

To feel golden…to feel as if our own inner light shines golden on others…radiating them with our golden warmth..this is a feeling I desire.

It is not a flashy diamond type light, but a warmth that invites connection.

I wonder at the day that delivered this golden morning. So different from all the others.

My light shines golden some days, blue others, grey on others…this is what it is to be human. Always the same, like the ever present ocean and the always dawning sun, and yet always so different.

May your light today be golden. And if not…then let it be fully blue..or fully grey. There is beauty found in all.

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Practice daydreaming

August 16th, 2014

Practice daydreaming

Today I spent some time at the beach. My brain was full from a busy few days of travel and meetings. It was time to not think, not do, not try, not create…to simply be present.

The beach is made for day dreaming. Our thoughts seem to flow like the waves, there..then gone…there..then gone. Drifting from one wave to the next. No effort.

To wander the landscape of our interior with no set agenda, no purpose…is a gift of healing. Some may say that day dreaming and not doing are wasted time.

Most know that this is sacred time. The frazzled nerve endings are restored, synapses allowed to rest..and in that place of calm, the connections we have been seeking are made.

The answer to a question…there. Just like that. No effort.

Effort is overrated. Our brilliance always arrives with ease.

Practice daydreaming.

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Life is flow. Life is change. That can be uncomfortable. So was learning to walk. Get over it.

August 11th, 2014

Life is flow. Life is change

Sometimes our view is from above..and sometimes from the ground. In our dreams we may even have a view from below.

Each time we seek to change our view new truths are revealed. Yet we must have eyes to see.

One of the qualities I like most about myself is the ability to stay in the question knowing that there is an answer. Knowing that I might need to be willing to change my view, my perspective, in order to have eyes that can see.

We either take the stance of openness, or we are arrested but possibility remains, or we are closed.

The heart break of humanity is when people, communities, governments and nations are closed.

I try to practice pushing into the places that are closed. They live in the world of the absolute. Never, Can’t, won’t. These are the signals that I have shut myself off from life and flow.

Life is flow. Life is change. That can be uncomfortable. So was learning to walk. Get over it.

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We are nature

August 8th, 2014

We are nature

Nature brings us back to self. Or perhaps by being in nature we are reminded that we are nature.

It is so easy for us to slip into the separate perspective…I… separate from you..nature. I have dominion. I am smarter, better, faster…


It only takes a storm or earthquake for us to be humbled as to who exactly has dominion.

Nature knows. It has known for way longer than we humans have walked earth.

The sun is there, reliable, every day. The light from that sun is what keeps us alive. Period.

Take us humans off the earth and nature will thrive far better than with us on it. But take away the bee’s, and we will perish.

We are nothing without nature. Nothing without beauty.

How easily we forget.

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Finding home

August 7th, 2014

Finding home

There is something about cold cold mornings…where the air is snap crisp, and each breath is felt. Granted, where I live we do not know real cold..6 C (42 F) to 24 C (75 F) days..and those 6 C mornings are rare.

On these cold mornings you know that the horizon will be cloudless, as will the day. This is our winter days. Sun on sun…bright blue sky. How blessed am I to live here.

Each of us seeks to find out spiritual and soul home. The place were our cells hum. There is a rightness to place that is felt in our marrow…in our heart…I am home.

I find beauty in mountains, and plains…yet the call…the call of home…is always the ocean.

While any place can become a home, finding our place and home satisfies a longing. The gypsies of the world might be nourished from other directions…changing landscapes…dandelion seeds on the wind.

Most of us though want to grow roots.

To stand in the water, sand between my toes…my roots grow. My soul is nourished. I am home.

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Eavesdropping on dreams – living the clock of the day

August 6th, 2014



Nights are often busy for me. Not with activity, but with the deep clearing of the subconscious. I trust the night to do its work…cleaning out junk to surface what is important.

Sometimes I float in the worlds between. Not sure what is real and what is not. This liminal space is quite delicious. I am aware but my inner self is calling the shots, directing traffic. Often the outcome is illuminating in ways I could not imagine.

My dreams allow me to eavesdrop on unexpressed desires, unspoken anxieties…to really connect with my soul. Dreams will speak of what we cannot confront in the full light of day.

To wake refreshed and feeling alive is a common experience for me, and one I practice with high priority. (Which means I make sleep a priority) To be fully awake and willing to engage with the day is a result of going to bed at the right time and ensuring enough sleep.

I like living the clock of the days. Early to bed, early to rise. Being present for the dawn over the Pacific makes it even more special.

Perhaps we can learn from water

August 5th, 2014


I have been thinking a lot about water. Flow. Ease. Without effort.

Water flows. And if it doesn’t have a path to flow, it stops for a time, until it either dries up, or there is extra water added and it flows again.

If it comes to a rock, it flows around. Or over. In so doing the flow may become turbulent. Obstacles do not hinder the flow, but they may create turbulence.

It doesn’t go against its nature and try to flow up hill. It is not determined to take the straightest path down the hill, only the one that is most easy.

Water lives in three dimensions…the dimension of spirit…steam…the dimension of water…flow, and the dimension of ice…stored energy.

We know when we look at an ocean that we are seeing water…water that has flown down from somewhere, and will then become steam, only to be converted back to water…repeating the cycle over and over.

I think about water and I think about a human life. How hard we make life. How unlike water we are.

Perhaps we can learn from water.

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In noticing every day miracles, more miracles occur

August 4th, 2014

Photo 3

At first I thought there was not going to be a photo this morning. And then, this moment, when the sun came through a pocket in the clouds. It so happened that I was also in this spot where a tree provided some contrast.

One moment nothing…and then everything. Just like that.

This is the nature of life. The nature of miracles.

For many years I didn’t think miracles happened to me. I used to listen to stories of others and their miracles…the most amazing things…WOW…and then…why…why didn’t that happen to me?

My life felt absent of miracles.

And then I started noticing the miracles all around me…the miracle of my body, even of one cell. The miracle of a flower moving from bud to bloom. The miracle of the sun each day.

As I noticed more miracles, more miracles occurred.

I remember hearing a story of Mother Teresa, how she used to rely on miracles…her work was inspired by something far bigger than her. “We need to open a centre in New York City.” But Mother Teresa, we do not have funds. “No matter, the funds will come.” And the funds came. It was not simple faith…it was a knowing that the Source of all creation is always and ever present. That intention, aligned with integrity, courage, truth, power, wholeness and love…makes everything possible.

At this I am a novice. But each day I learn a little more to trust Source.

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And one day, all too soon, it will be gone

August 1st, 2014


A yacht sails north, walkers enjoy the dawn..the sun rises. Another day, another chance, another breath.

It is such a simple thing…to wake each day. Yet it is truly a gift that we so often take for granted.

How many people did not wake again today…and how many people today on this morn took their first breath?

How many people chose on this day to really take their first breath…to really risk all to stand fully in the life that has been calling them?

Each day we get to choose…if not today, then the chance may come tomorrow..

And one day, all too soon, it will be gone.

Nature brings us to life

July 31st, 2014

photo 5

We come alive in nature. Even against our will. It is hard not to settle your feet into the ground, to become present to the touch of the breeze, to slow down your breathing.

Is it because nature is alive? And in its aliveness it reminds us of our deadness? Our divorce from things that bring us alive?

We have built our modern lives to such a frenetic pace, considered normal, that to be present to nature is something you pay for…to go on holiday, or retreat.

This has been largely by our choosing. The adopted belief that we need to accumulate more and bigger, better, faster. Bigger house, kids in the best schools, the increased salary packet.

The future of pausing…called retirement…is out there. And each day slips by. A tragedy of epic proportions.

My life has always included beauty. We cannot underestimate how significant it is. Not something to experience on vacation…but every single day.