Scared of becoming – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bungy

July 30th, 2014

Scared of becoming - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bungy

I wrote in my journal this morning….I am scared of becoming…

After years of dedication a business is about to be launched…and I feel the fear sitting there….fear of change of lifestyle, circumstance…of burying old ‘past their use by date’ stories…

There is a future self who is skilled at a whole raft of things I am not.

And as I breath into this fear, I know that there is only one path forward…the very next step…repeat..repeat…

Now is the time to not get caught in the future…to stay present. To keep my feet on the ground. To keep coming back into my body, now…today…and not be sucked into some place that is not now.

Many years ago, when I did a bungy jump…I knew the strategy before I went up on the bungy platform. Do exactly as the instructor said…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…bungy…Sure my mind was screaming and my fear was pretty high…but the next step was not wait…wait wait…it was bungy.

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Owning the spotlight of your life

July 29th, 2014

photo 3

Owning the spotlight of your life

A stranger is captured in their own golden spotlight, produced by the almighty sun.

And they didn’t even know it….

I love this metaphor….how many times a day might we each be standing, without even knowing, in a spotlight? Each of us a star.

We forget…how easy is it to forget our own brilliance. Not the egoic high founded in scarcity, but the brilliance that comes simply from being alive and unique in our own birthright.

I forget…agonising about what I am not able to do, what I lack, where I fall down.

All the while the sun shines down on us equally, never judging…blessing us with light, asking us to shine right back.

And that really is all life asks of us…to shine back…no matter what the circumstance.

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Nature provides a pathway out of our darkness. If only we have eyes to see.

July 28th, 2014

Photo 3

Today I was anxious. I have two decades of habit to keep me from falling into an abyss. My daily exercise. After 20 years, I no longer argue with it…even when the bed is extra comfy. Out I get…I know that I will feel worlds better for it…

It was a swimming morning, in the dark, as dawn in Winter downunder isn’t till around 6.30. I often find myself observing the reflections of the backs of my eyes as I swim backstroke under the lights. If you pay attention you can see the backs of your eyeballs…the parts the optometrist will look at …and I was marveling at the shape of the connections…the blood vessels ..triangulated..not squiggly lines like an infants drawing, but triangles. My teacher Buckminster Fuller would not be surprised.

It is amazingly fascinating that we can actually see our eye balls reflections…we can see inside our head.

It is stunning that all of this activity goes on without our focused attention…that a whole world is happening inside us…millions and millions of processes…every day..

Nature provides a pathway out of our darkness. If only we have eyes to see.

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Releasing our failures into the vast Ocean

July 25th, 2014


We carry so much baggage…doesn’t matter how much work we have done on ourselves, our baggage keeps us humble…and human.

We carry stories of our past failures, our past disappointments…stories that tell us that we cannot succeed in the future…we carry the patterns of our lineage…inherited myths that we may not even know. A new born baby cannot know to ‘hate’ someone of difference to them. This they are taught…or it is the air they breath in the home in which they are raised.

We carry agreements we didn’t even know we have..agreements such as women need to walk behind men…literally or metaphorically. Or boys to men do not cry… Or money is hard to make…nothing comes easily…

I have always been an ocean girl…I was born in Fiji…I have Island in my veins…to swim in the ocean…to be in the depth of water, this is a place that feels home. In the water we can let it all go…we can wash away the stories, the agreements, our lineage…pain…doubt…the Ocean will take it all. Try it…

And if water is not your home…a walk on a beach will restore even the most hardened Soul.

We come from water, we are mostly water…the illusion is that water and us are somehow separate. In the presence of the Ocean right balance is restored…

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Life is miraculous

July 24th, 2014

photo 5

Two of the many wonderful things photographing dawn has taught me is to be prepared for the moment. And that often the best shot is before the sun rise…when the colours reflect off the clouds.

Life is miraculous. It is a miracle we do not dissolve like a lump of sugar when we take a bath. Each day I wake…I am already living a miracle.

Each day is filled with millions of precious moments…or simple moments that just through attention  may become precious.

To pay attention to the miraculous way my body knows how to digest food, move my big toe, write this article…this quality of attention and remembering can never be overstated.

Many extraordinarily successful people will talk about the journey to the goal…it was this that mattered most…it wasn’t reaching the destination, getting the medal, summiting the was the path to that moment. It was all the hard work, dedication, endurance…it was being present in the moment to the changing colours reflected by the clouds before the crescendo of the sun rise.

These moments shape us. They inhabit our cells, our soul.

All of these photographs have been taken along the same stretch of beach…yet how different each one is…

Life is miraculous…

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Beautiful Blue

July 23rd, 2014

Beautiful Blue

Blue…a colour…or a feeling.

Today, both. Amazing that I can see the beauty of this scene and also feel blue. Yet in truth if I really look at this…really melt into the presence of the beauty of this scene, all that is left is love…beauty…more love…

The feelings of blue are there still when I step out of the beauty. The pull of worries of life. Of survival. Of questions of endurance. Of staying the path…or not.

But in the act of opening my heart to receive the beauty of this sunrise everything else disappears.

Beauty sustains. Beauty restores. Beautiful blue.

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A mechanistic or connected Universe?

July 22nd, 2014


Two seagulls and a lone runner frame this beautiful sunrise.

I have felt as if everything I have been working on has been stuck for about 6 weeks. Interestingly, in my inner work around the project that consumes most of my days, I hold the image of two birds…white doves…or perhaps seagulls.. as a symbol of my project.

When I stopped my run to take this shot there were birds. They allowed me to include them. And then they flew away.

We can live in a mechanistic Universe where the ocean, birds, air, sun…all of nature…are less than sacred and separate from us….something outside of us…and in so doing these beautiful elements of nature become objects of utility, open to exploitation.

Or we can live in a Universe where everything is connected…where there is no separation. I am the birds, the sky, the ocean…and they are me.

We can hold this connected stance as mythic, or scientific…science has shown that every atom in my body has been in the body of all other humans through time, and probably all other living things…

With this dawn comes flow…flight…unfolding…nature has its own gestation rate….perfect in its is only me..the human who thinks I have control over all…who seeks to push before the right timing…

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Embrace the mystery

July 21st, 2014

Photo 2

A wonderful teacher advised me…embrace the mystery.

This life of ours is a mystery. We try to order it…to have it be shaped in our image. Wisdom teaches us that this is a fools errand.

It was never ours to shape. Rather the path is one of aligning…deep atunement to the essential who of us…the threads of our life…and what is wanting to emerge from our deepest desires.

This is not easy…we have arrived at now entangled in the mythologies of what is and isn’t possible or real, most of which we simply do not see…and so the path includes releasing…diving deeper…clarifying…red pen editing…the integrity of what is wanting to emerge cannot without release…and profound letting go…

The essential YES that is emerging is a pulse without argument. It requires vigilant and loved attention for any diffraction or distraction.

Let the clarity of the sun be our guide. Once again…there..


MH17, Gaza, Microsoft…its 2.23am and its time to change

July 18th, 2014

MH17, Gaza, Microsoft...its 2.23am and its time to change

MH17, Gaza, Microsoft…its 2.23am and its time to change

I am at the end of a seven stage series on how to deal with loss of a business. For today July 18th 2014 (Australian time), this last piece will have to wait.

I started the 2.23am project because I believe beyond question that beneath the glossy glamour of success, status, companies as empires, busy-ness, consumerism, not-enoughness….is a human heart who longs for something deeper. I believe that the majority of our leaders of business and industry are seeking ways to express their own work and the work of their business in ways that honour humanity and the world.

This morning when I woke I learned of the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. As I write, 27 of those passengers where Australian’s. The flight was actually headed to Perth Australia. 154 or so of those passengers were Dutch.

Australia and the Netherlands are small countries. These number are huge losses for us.

My heart is broken for the families and friends……all over the world. For every single person on that flight. For Malaysia. For the pain of any human who feels that violence is the only way.

As this incident unfolds, I pray for wise leadership. This was a deliberate act, even if the people who shot down the plane did not know it was civilian. They were aiming to shoot down a plane. They succeeded.

What creates the conditions for people to do this…to deliberately shoot down a plane?

Now is the time for deeply considered heart felt politics between all the conflicting parties…Russia, Ukraine, USA, The Netherlands, the EU…let us not increase the death toll.

And if our elected leaders start making foolish decisions, let us not forget that we can collectively say no. The power has always rested with the people…we usually forget this.

Into this brew of global events add the escalating situation in Gaza.

And the axing of 18,000 jobs at Microsoft.

Are these horrible events related at all?

At 2.23am we would say yes. A world where the money and power is concentrated into small places while the remainder of the world struggles to dignify human existence and work… is a broken world. A world where people are elected to leadership to further the coffers of the company/shareholders (which may well include you and I as pension fund holders) at the cost of everything else… is a broken world. A world where chosen corporate leaders are too busy protecting their own position to see what is in plain sight… is a broken world. (Stephen Elop, Nokia/Microsoft for example). A world where we have placed the accumulation of money as the ultimate value to aspire to…is a broken world.

There are people in Gaza, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Ukraine…indeed all over the world…who would trade any amount of money…everything they have…for the safe return of their loved ones…

Much of the world is broken. We know this. It wakes many of us at 2.23am.

We can change this. We can change it through how we do business. How we treat people. (Not some heartless email to let 18,000 employees know they are losing their job.)

Frankly we have to change it.

2.23am is committed to that…one step…never too small…at a time.

We invite you to join us.

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Photo credit: NASA


What to do when your business crashes and you lose it all. Stage 6 (of 7) Emergence

July 17th, 2014

What to do when your business crashes and you lose it all. Stage 6 (of 7) Emergence

What to do when your business crashes and you lose it all. Stage 6 (of 7) Emergence

Anything worth doing well goes through a period of deep consideration. To grow a beautiful garden prepare the soil well. To create a remarkable space for an event cover off every little tiny detail. To build a new home, plan all the aspects, spaces, traffic flows…to build a new business take the time to be ever so clear on the why, the what and the how.

You will find yourself waking at 2.23am…not in fear…but with the delicious sense of something exciting wanting to emerge.

To grow a new life after loss, take the time to nurture your own process. The process may be counter-intuitive. If prior to your crash you were a ‘go hard’ person, take your time. If you took your time, move with more haste.

Often what is emerging may not even look like it holds any possibility for a future. It may be some small impulse…to connect with someone you have not spoken to in an age…or to take a class, do something creative, read a certain book.

The spaciousness that has been created for you allows long forgotten aspects of self to emerge. Let them emerge.

The pathways will lead you to a more authentic expression of your whole life…if you let them.

How many times do we get to start with a clean canvas, with nothing to lose, because it has already been lost? These precious times only occur a few times in a lifetime. Don’t rush it…and certainly do not default back to behaviour and habits that took you on the path to the crash in the first place.

The world is full of people so trapped in the life they have  created that the risk of losing it all prevents them from moving towards what they most want? The horrible catch 22.

Now is your time to create what you most want. The path to here has been too long and cost too much. Don’t squander it.

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