A series of beautiful moments

December 18th, 2014


A series of beautiful moments

Life is a series of moments. On this morn this moment lasted but minutes. The pinks suddenly were there…and then gone, swallowed by endless greys.

And a few hours later, after my run, sitting in my artisan coffee shop looking out across the Pacific, another moment. The wonderfully skilled barista, Tim, also an artist and musician, fetched his ukulele from his car, and sang “Silent Night” to the two of us who were present.

Listening to an unknown artist play, one holds their breath, willing and wanting them to be good…to be really good. Slightly nervous that perhaps they will not be, and that awkwardness will be present, the need to fumble through some less than sincere platitudes.

Not today. A glorious voice from someone who knows his gift and has comfort in the song.

What a gift. It was so spontaneously given. So generous. And it changed my day.

The other witness, also a regular customer, and I became co-conspirators in an extra-ordinary event. And with that we connected, as perhaps we would never have before.

Beauty does that. Bringing strangers together over the shared experience.

These moments, precious. The privilege was I got to live them.

How do we live in a world so divided?

December 17th, 2014


How do we live in a world so divided?

On this beautiful dawn lies a sea of conflict. I stand here, the energy of the sun penetrating my bones, fuelling me through human photosynthesis, knowing that even as I am blessed with life and the opportunity to drink in the gorgeousness of this morn, others are waking to grief, and loss.

How do we live in a world so divided? Where tragedy partners with beauty? Where each day we can choose a slippery slope of despair, or, instead to gaze at the dawn sun and be reminded of life?

Today I have the luxury of gazing with ease, despair and loss are in distant circles of my being. But I know that on another day, a random other day, I will gaze at this same sun, and perhaps may not be able to see it, as my heart will be broken.

It is this, isn’t it, that unites us as humanity.? The certain knowing that perhaps not my grief today, but surely in some tomorrow.

A wedding today in the rain

December 12th, 2014

A wedding today in the rain

A wedding today in the rain

December 12

Rain. More rain. Weddings and PGA Golf and more rain. Nature has a way of reminding us who is in charge. Because…if you are like me, you forget.

A colleague said to me that the timing of an event was bad. I too have had this conversation about other peoples events. But I have learned that there is no good timing. Or bad timing. There is just the time. For many, the timing of the event is so wonderful because it is in the holiday month. For others the timing is bad because it is in the holiday month.

A wedding today in the rain…what a lovely way to celebrate beginnings. Maybe even bare feet, as we are lucky it is wet but warm.

And a fun time to not worry about your hair, but instead put all attention on being present for the bride and groom.

It has been said time and again…it is not what happens, but how we respond to what happens. Today I am going to have so much fun attending a wedding in the rain.

Watching the dawn brings reverence to the mystery and the certainty that nothing is certain

December 11th, 2014

 Watching the dawn brings reverence to the mystery and the certainty that nothing is certain

Watching the dawn brings reverence to the mystery and the certainty that nothing is certain

I have never met a single human who is not fascinated by the sun rise. Like a full moon, it is an entirely natural event that magically convenes people. We never tire of baring witness to the daily rise of the sun.

Why is this? Apart from the obvious beauty, what draws us to rise early and watch the birth of a new day?

Is it because it is the opportunity to start again? That after sleep, we can put aside for a moment our fears and worries, and consider the blank canvas that is this day?

There is something so profound about renewal. Beginnings. The clean sheet of paper. Starting over.

Yet to really embrace beginnings we must have let go of all the sticky attachments to the past. We must take from yesterday what is useful and discard that which no longer serves us or the world.

In standing bare foot to the dawn of a new day, free of yesterdays old stories and burdens, is to invite mystery. What will be written on this clean sheet of paper? And by whom?

There is a taste of adventure and possibility to a fully present new day. What will this day bring? Will this be the day?

The longer we have walked the Earth, the more aware we are that everything can change for the better or the worse, in one nanosecond.

The unexpected miracle. The tragic death.

This is life.

Watching the dawn brings reverence to the mystery and the certainty that nothing is certain.

The Sun never sends you the bill

December 10th, 2014

The Sun never sends you the bill

The Sun never sends you the bill

Look how light and clouds make such a raucous noise of colour? The lone surfer captured under the most magnificent show on Earth.

Dawn is free. Unless you count the cost of leaving a warm bed, and perhaps a loved one. Or a day with a little less sleep.

But what joy! To start the day with the constant surprise of dawn. Never sure what you will get. But always able to be floored by the fact that this Source of light and energy, our Sun, gives so generously and with such constancy.

The Sun is life. Everything we eat is sourced by Sun. Therefore we are sourced by Sun. Allow that to sink in just a little.

And next time you look up and catch  the light of the Sun on your face, give thanks. No matter what your circumstance, no matter how much pain you are carrying, at least know this. The Sun shines, and never sends you the bill.

The heart-work of images imprisoned within you

December 9th, 2014


The heart-work of images imprisoned within you

“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

I was listening to Rilke as I ran the curve of the ocean shore. I will never tire of the early morning, the sun in its constancy. For as long as there has been our Earth, she awakens us.

Yet I also consider the heart-work of the images imprisoned inside. The daily sunrise form fragments of this heart-work. The constancy is light.

How do I work to bring light? The light of an individual, free from filters and diffusers. Able to shine completely.

The light of a community. All the colours of the rainbow. Every single element critical to the whole.

The light of human enterprise. People conspiring together to create something impossible to create alone.

The image I have is one where our relationships together are built on a platform of dignity and respect, infinite love, and care beyond measure. Where the work we do is sacred business. And the Earth we walk is treated as we would treat the most magnificent palace.

Paying attention

December 8th, 2014

Paying attention

Paying attention

It is no surprise that when something matters to us we pay attention. The most remarkable part of this project of writing Beauty of Beginnings is that I now see the clouds, the sky, and light, with far more attention than ever before.

Just this morn, driving to my swimming pool, the air was heavy with humidity and heat, allowing the light to filter through in a delicious pink mist. It was quite remarkable. I wanted to be on the beach to capture it.

On arriving at the pool I mentioned the now past beautiful sky to my fellow swimmers, and no one had seen it. How could they have missed it? It was spectacular.

How much do I miss as I hurry from one pre-occupation to another? A most beautiful world begs for my attention as I scramble to meet deadlines, make appointments and change the world.

There is beauty and abundance all around us. How tragic that we miss it.

Pause now, in this moment, and feast on something in your line of sight that is begging you to see it for all its magnificence.

This too shall pass

December 7th, 2014

This too shall pass

This too shall pass

Am I on the same beach seeing the same sun?
Each day so very different. Same beach same sun, same ocean.

I am reminded that the words of the wise from time immemorial are evidenced every day…

This too shall pass.

This. Too. Shall. Pass.

The cycles of time are constant. From second to second, life to life. Birth to death. This too shall pass.

I too shall pass. Today’s pain shall pass. Tomorrows pleasure shall pass. All I love will pass. All I fear will pass.

This leaves me watching the sun rise. Each day different. Each day beautiful in its own way.

Am I there to see it, savour it, fall into the beauty of it, no matter the blues, greys and light?

Perhaps this is all that matters. To fall in love with the very life I have, in all its pleasures and pains. Perfectly imperfect.

This. Too. Shall. Pass

The meeting of polarities creating a beautiful third

December 7th, 2014


The meeting of polarities creating a beautiful third

This was the dawn light, diffused with clouds, and heat. A mist hung over the entire coast. Cold water meeting hot air.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if beautiful mists are created when someone of different polarities meet? The meeting of the cold and the hot? That rather than the common knee jerk reaction of fear and uncertainty at meeting a polar opposite we could allow a mist of softness to proceed inquiry and curiosity into the essential nature of the other? That perhaps the meeting of polarities might create a beautiful third?

The deliberate path of ease and flow

December 7th, 2014


The deliberate path of ease and flow

I, like many over achievers, often choose the hard path. The uphill, the biggest challenge. Give me a 96 km run and I think nothing of it.

There is much to be said for going for the biggest challenge and testing our limits. Much has been written about it. We cheer the hero who completes the hardest task.

But what of ease, flow, and surrender? Not the same as giving up, more the place of dancing with?

It is this topic I am contemplating this fine morning, as the light creates this beautiful thread like pattern with the clouds.

Is it that we apply ourselves with love and discipline to our art, our practice, often for years… and then when the time comes to play/speak/write, we let go and play/speak/write? Completely in the moment, completely held by our years of learning our craft?

Or is there times to deliberately choose ease? To stop pushing, to stop choosing the hard, and to allow flow?

Perhaps it is both?

As I get wiser I am finding myself choosing the path of ease and flow. I have found that when my ego self pushes magic is stopped. When my wiser self surrenders to the whole, magic always happens.

I will still go out and run, and still do the hard training, but when my body says enough, then enough is it.