The blues can be beautiful too

March 6th, 2015

The blues can be beautiful too

The blues can be beautiful too

To wake and feel blue might be experienced as a problem, or a gift.

Those blue moods are calling out to us…warning of some part of self that needs attendance.

Look… here…..go deeper…go down into the messy dark places that never see light..
For there…there is a pulse of an ancient memory that longs to be seen.
And in the seeing, now cast in light, cannot remain blue for long.

Do not go alone…take wisdom, compassion, and space for the extraordinary.
Be sure to have a travel companion who provides a thread to remind you of the way back.

The blues are beautiful too…

Once the light hits the horizon the blues will be gone.

Beauty is the portal to transcendence

March 5th, 2015


Beauty is the portal to transcendence

It matters not what mood we are in, how life seems to be unraveling in this moment, how despair and grief may be the shadow across any whisper of hope.

If we can make room to experience beauty, we are saved.

On Spaciousness

March 4th, 2015


On spaciousness

To squeeze a life full to the brim of schedules, meetings, tasks and to-do lists is to dishonour the geometry of relationships, where spaciousness is essential to existence.


How do we give wild flight?

February 3rd, 2015


How do we give wild flight?

There is a part of each of us that is wild. Rough, raw, prone to fury. Uncontained.

This morn reminded me of my wildness. It reminded me of the few places in society we can allow our wildness to live out loud.

Perhaps dancing in your living room. Or running a trail. Attending a music festival. Camping, hiking.

The need of society is for us to conform, to not rock the boat.

But wild is an essential part of our nature. The question is, how do we give wild flight?

Epic Stories, Angry Gods

January 22nd, 2015


Sometimes the dawn sky tells an epic story, one of angry Gods, blood spilled on thick dark clouds, whispers of light desperate to seep through.  And yet a calm ocean…as if all in the heavens are seething while we go about our lives in untethered and often painful ignorance.

If I were the Gods I might well be seething with frustration at the Humans…our careless ways. How we think nothing of taking from Earth, of throwing away…but where to throw to?…as ‘away’ is occupied by others… of treating each other as objects to be bartered and sold on the flesh markets called work.

And this morning I heard another ever-so-normal story…of the return to work, the pain of that, the yearning to not return to work…our lives so crazy a representation of people doing work that sucks their soul, to keep themselves living a life as defined by our society…

This…we call this innovation, human evolution? To spend the bulk of our days doing work that dims the light from us each day?

And what of our true value? What if we each had the chance to do what was spontaneously arousable from within that did not harm another’s right to liberty?

What if this was the ground upon which humanity was invited to exist?

Sure, a small few would abuse this privilege, but most, after days of idle, would find they needed to do something of value, some form of expression.

In truth this option is already available to most….if but for the artificial constraints of society, education, and world view.

The dawn today was one of heavenly anger. Perhaps it is time more people voiced their anger at being reduced from the fullest expression of their Humanity to a casual and disposable object with a productive life cycle of around 30 years.

The question is…have we the willingness to listen, and the courage to act

January 19th, 2015

 The question is…have we the willingness to listen, and the courage to act

The question is…have we the willingness to listen, and the courage to act

After years of practice of paying attention it is easy now to feel when I am not in clear alignment of mind, body, spirit and my ecosystem surrounding me.

The dissonance may be so very subtle, or as big as a brass band playing on repeat in my head.

Something…just some little thing…is off.

Today it sits with me. This vague, low grade ‘off’ feeling.

It may be that I am avoiding something.

It may be that I am in self sabotage, repeating old and tired patterns that stopped serving me a very long time ago.

It may be that I am picking up signals in my immediate enviro’s….a relationship that needs attending to. Or the emotional, psychological or spiritual pollution of those in my immediate space.

I may be tuning into the greater frequency of the world at large…to the fear, hate, violence, dissatisfaction…or the greed, exploitation, manipulation…
It may be that I have polluted my own body/being with thoughts that stab at healthy cells with their own violence.

Or I might be telling myself stories about something….making assumptions about why xyz has not responded to my call/email/reaching out….filling my being with fakeries, distortions, and illusions.

What ever it is, awareness is key. Noticing allows choice and action.

Do I need to breath out the toxic? Make a call? Get some more information? Speak up? Stop doing something? Start doing something? Set a boundary? Face it?

Our bodies, minds, being…is in constant conversation with us…our personal truth is always available for us…

The question is…have we the willingness to listen, and the courage to act?

Perhaps my rage can be a thing of great beauty?

January 16th, 2015


Perhaps my rage can be a thing of great beauty?

Perhaps the blood red of the sky was an early indicator of the heat of the day to come. Where strong men fell to the harshness of too much heat.

Nature has a way of reducing us to helplessness. Be it the ocean throwing a temper tantrum, the wind of a hurricane, the chill of cold, or the heat..sucking life and energy…

And all the while nature continues to be so beautiful. Her storms, her fire, her ice cold…

Am I seen for my beauty when I am apoplectic with rage? Withdrawn in a frosty chill? Arching my back in frustration? Is the blood red of my anger a transmission that arc’s across the Universe?

Perhaps if my anger is for greater reasons that the driver who stole my parking spot, the friend who did not comply to my expectation?

Perhaps when I am enraged with how my brothers and sisters treat the Earth, the litter I encounter each day on the beach, our wanton throw away world…perhaps then my anger is a beautiful thing.

On being home

January 7th, 2015

On being home

On being home

I am blessed to live where I do.

Home is such a rich word….four simple letters that in their unique combination speak of ground, earth, place, space, relationship, community, rest, nourish, peace, joy, love, birth, death, celebration, shelter…..

I could not imagine not loving your that the place you inhabit, the community in which you live or the country in which you live.

A whole section of life energy is taken care of when we have found our home. There is no longer lost, or far from, or isolated, or unsettled.

There is home. Here. Now.

On hope, New Years, and absolute yes’s

January 2nd, 2015

On hope, New Years, and absolute yes's

January 1st

Rather than stay up to see the fireworks I like to get up early to greet the sun on the first day of the new year.

It is the busiest early morning on the beach, with hundreds of people lingering from the night before, and a few, like me, inspired to get up early to see the dawn.

There is something about the New Year that brings hope. Hope is such an important ingredient to the human condition.

While it takes us out of present time, it provides brightness of the future. Like the sun, which we know is so far away, hope lights a path for us. It provides us with a blank canvas and the opportunity to begin again.

Without hope despair can debilitate and immobilise.The moment there is a possibility of hope some part of us finds the vibration of life, no matter how faint.

The New Year is our cultural permission point to end the old and start anew. Of course we all have the sovereignty to allow ourselves a new beginning in any moment. But as a collective, to start anew invites more promise. We are all collectively granted this moment of reprieve. To wash away the old…to step forward into the new.

Many of us simply continue as before. Expecting a different outcome. Leaving the New Year to fate.

Of course it is always a combination of both. The things we can change and the things we cannot.
And many of us make resolutions but build them on a foundation of quicksand. They are wishes rather than desires.

This year my change is internal. It is about inviting, allowing and accepting more of what I desire into my life. In so doing, I need to say no to what I do not desire. There is a complete recalibration of my inner world.

I know it will happen as every fibre of my being is aligned. And without every fibre of your being aligned and resolute, change will never stick.

Or as a good friend counseled me, “Say no to everything unless it is an absolute yes.”

All the years before this I have built my proposed changes on quicksand. This year, finally, there is a foundation that goes very deep. That depth is chartered through pain and suffering…the path most of us have to take to finally arrive at “Enough, no more!”

On this day, January 1st, choose wisely the changes you seek to experience in your life. Rather than many, make it one. Have it be the one that calls you from the depths of your soul. The one that allows you to be more of your whole self. Then back it with every fibre of your being.

And each morning, continue to say yes to this, even when it tests you, which it will..…and continue to bring it into the light. This is the hope of your New Year.

And my hope for you is the clarity, resilience and self care to take it all the way…