Twice a week you will get an article written by me that is either something to reflect on, or a new perspective…tools to handle conflict, relationships, and all the messy human dynamics…inspiration…perhaps some arse kicking (as we all need that every so often)...all aimed to do these few things…move your business towards the kind of business you want to see in the world…and move you to become the leader you yearn for…

Every two weeks you will receive an email that looks like this. This is a summary of all the articles…plus…an article by me that is more personal…that only goes to this list and never makes it to the web site. And some really cool resources..

Give it a go...I promise my best work..relevant, sometimes provocative, always thoughtful

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Tales from the Frontier

A personal update on Christine and the 2.23am movement. This also includes advance notice of events, opportunities, video interviews etc.

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We take great pride in ensuring we provide outstanding quality material from around the web that is relevant to 2.23am

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